Saints of Vraja O.B. Kapoor


Published: May 1st 2002


462 pages


Saints of Vraja  by  O.B. Kapoor

Saints of Vraja by O.B. Kapoor
May 1st 2002 | Hardcover | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 462 pages | ISBN: | 4.39 Mb

Whoever picks up this book is bound for a surprise. He is going to have a glimpse of the spiritual world, of which, perhaps, he has neither heard nor dreamt, a glimpse, which is heartening as well as thrilling and assuring beyond description. For the saints of Vraja have worshipped and realized God, not in His ordinary aspect as the Creator and Controller of the universe, as the Creator and Controller of the universe, as the mere bestower of boons or dispenser of justice, but in His highest aspect as Love and Sweetness (madhurya), in which He does not fret or frown over our faults and weaknesses but loves and adores us inspite of our failings, if only we love Him- an aspect in which He seeks us, as much as we seek Him, loves us as much as we love Him, needs us as much as we need Him, an aspect, in which He is more natural than supernatural, more human than super-human, in which he has all the failings and weaknesses of the humans, but in which paradoxical as it may seem, failings becomes His embellishments and add to His sweetness and perfection, instead of detracting from it, because they stem not from any weakness inherent in Him, but from His nature as Love and His love for those who love Him.

Could He be so sweet if He did not have these weaknesses, if inspite of the fact that He is the Master of the universe, He was not greedy for the milk and butter of the milkmaids of Vraja, if to satisfy His greed He did not steal or plunder, and if He did not lie for fear of being chastised by mother Yasoda?His sweetness (madhurya) is heightened by the fact that although He is the creator, destroyer and sustainer of the universe, He has in Vraja the conceit of the son of Nanda and Yasoda, whose name is Krsna, but who is called out of affection by various other names, like Kanhaiya, Kanhai, Kanu, Gopala and Govinda.

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